Watch “NASA Sounds the Alarm on Solar Superstorms” on YouTube

Let’s look at this in context. The sun is even older than the earth. The earth has been here for billions of years, maybe 4.5 billion. The solar cycles are 11.5 years long, so the suns’ polarity has flipped millions of times. We just weren’t here or knew how to see it!!!

Humans are only 1 million years old. Evolutionarily speaking, we are infants, little babies, not allowed to play with nuclear toys in the sandbox, and our Watcher parents shut them down just as a parent takes a lighter from their child. We don’t know how to play nicely in the cosmic sandbox yet.

All of a sudden, we have this ego and a sense of ourselves, and we think we see everything clearly. We don’t. Take healthy mothers, for instance. We love our kids so much that we don’t always see them clearly. Men are the same way with being protective and wanting to control the outside world. We both need to be more rational.

Humans are something. They are the ones using science to be dramatic and alarmist. You don’t see women making these videos and getting alarmist. We use our instincts. Men are fantasy prone, and imagine worst-case scenarios and get attached to blowing stuff up. It’s their testosterone. They’re not rational! Women are, especially when we learn to think more than procreate.

So take the video with grain of salt.

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