Conscious Observers; Mercury’s Unusual Data

This timely. Today and tomorrow are mediated by Mercury, and Mercury is active astronomically. Heads up.

In the Tzolkin Harmonic, Mercury mediates Red Moon Methionine (right foot) and White Dog Aspartic Acid (left foot).

  • It has a strange ELM field
  • 3:2 spin orbit resonance. It rotates 3X for every 2 Earth orbits. This is in synchronicity with the Tzolkin binary triplet configuration of the DNA on another level
  • It takes 59 earth days to do one full spin on it’s axis. That’s half of it’s synodic period compared to Earth or 118 days. It’s not a coincidence as they say in the video. It’s a synchronicity.
  • This planet moves rhythmically to Tone 6 around the sun
  • It has an eccentric orbit
  • Greater solar wind pressure
  • Energetic bursts of electrons (-) in the N. Hemisphere on the solar side. So it has an active N. Polar Zone
  • It’s covered in vital minerals.
  • Water vapor is present at the poles
  • There are hollows and volcanic deposits

I think it acts as a vitamin for the Interplanetary Holon the same way our Body Holon needs supplementation.

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