Great Synchronicity

Some of you may know I’ve been without my laptop for a month. 😳🥹 I had key documents on it from this blog. It broke, and I couldn’t open it to turn the computer on to back them up, so they were on the hard drive. I rescued it!! They almost recycled the whole machine.

Short story, the fix it guys broke it further so they GAVE me a new laptop. I picked it out this week, and they opened this “cage” of brand new but opened laptops. This one cost $606.00. He said I think this one is best for you.”. “Yep. That’s our planet number. I’ll take it.” 😆

Every planet in our local universe is on the universe registry with a number, and we are 606. It’s in the urantia book, which I’ve posted on here.

We’re not 666, but 606. Humans making yet another mistake trying to interpret universe information.

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