Girls doing physics on Gravitational Waves🥳🥳😎

Here’s something new in 2023. It only took 101 years from 1920 when females were legally allowed to VOTE to wofree³men being accepted as smart scientists.

I won’t count my chickens yet.

If distance = speed x time, and

energy = mass x the speed of light squared…

What about distance = the speed of light x time. What does that do to relativity theory? I just made this complicated, but you see where I’m going with this.

How fast and how far can MASS travel in time at the speed of light? And how much energy would that produce? Keep in mind that mass is simply gravity compressing frequency waves because we are only vibration in empty space. We aren’t truly dense. Our cells are just spinning at the phenomenal speed of 40,000 miles per second.

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