True Time Update forTuesday. Our main work is to evolve our brains ourselves in tandem with nature, every day. Real Intelligence.

There is nothing happening on the spectrogram, so I didn’t include it. We are level and in therapeutic alpha hertz as we’ve left theta brain wave hertz, which WAS 7.83. Daily, we go above 8 .00 hertz now.

We are not embodied to be programmed by anyone. We are free.

Your brain is ONE with the rest of your body.

Your body is your evolving DNA, which is time.

Your DNA is your body, which IS your mind.

Your mind IS your spirit.

They are all the same. But we manifested to be able to see pieces; dualism. It is a fact that humans have a reptile brain or limbic brain that gears us toward basic survival on a dualistic planet.

The amino acid protein Serine, whose Mayan symbol is below, helps with that by stabilizing our instinct for food, fight, and f….g or reproduction if it leads to that. This is a good thing. We are 8 billion strong now, but the population is dropping, so we can recreate a civilization based on peace, art, and real intelligence, nothing artificial. Humans don’t like fake stuff. I think we’re over it. This means the C%^&* has no reason to remain here, and the secrets can be revealed so we can have a higher quality of life.

Tone 2 Serine evolving. Tone 2 is polarizing and pulses with Crystal tone 12 to uplift a community of DIVERSE cultures in a unified human SPECIES. That’s the truth.

The frequency hz at 7 am is 7.96, so hopefully, we’ll go up to 8.20 to use our dualistic brain to increase our intelligence. Stimulated debate is helpful to people who are trying to get smarter (like Twitter) and detrimental for people who already live in ONENESS of dimensional awareness. In truth, our bodies are ONE with all dimensions.

How do you know you’re improving?

  • You can detach from people’s drama around you. Your boundaries are intact. You say NO, hold your center of gravity, and the chaotic person goes away. Your centeredness repels them.
  • Your body is getting smaller, and you need less food. The hunger urge comes from the Reptilian brain, which we need to decrease. We don’t need much food!
  • When you do eat, the quality of your food is decent. You have thrist and you drink a lot of water, more than food.
  • You sleep great, no drugs.
  • You love to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • No worrying. Just organizing, planning, and action for money and bills. No slavery and suffering for that.
  • You enjoy observing the patterns and ways of nature around you. Maybe you can understand what the birds 🐦 are saying with their chatter, dogs barking, and other animal talk. Plants and trees also speak! We are never alone.

🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️ Meditation

I dedicate in order to create. Universalizing mind, I seal the output of vision with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of accomplishment. I am a galactic activation portal.

Blue 12 Crystal Eagle, Kin 155

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