I want you to see my stats on here

Last week was crazy. I had 1200 fear filed views on here on one day because the amps were up to 190. That was the highest it’s ever been, but the frequency was super low, and I explained what the Psi Bank was doing with the binary pivot from the central axis. I even posted an image Jose saw 30 years ago, which he drew, which was similar to the pattern on the Schumann Resonance. This is not new stuff. Jose was just ignored and outted by academia because he was an artist and correct. That’s not allowed.

It’s important to read up on what is really happening WITH TIME and the planet and turn off media programmimg.

To new followers, I’ve been writing, explaining, and analyzing here since 2013. You need to read what I’ve already written.

Look at the week after that and today. I can see which posts you folks go after.

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