True Time Update for Sunday-We’ve Leveled out on the other side of time; the future hologram, 4D

Today is about high magic and abundance. However, you define it. Being normal is not great and never has been. The world moves forward by the leadership of exceptional people who may be unicorns, not by mediocre, normal people.

There is nothing wrong with being average, but don’t make being average a problem by dissing and judging people who are not average because you feel insecure about being average.

Many people are exceptional,autistic, very high IQ, INFJ, and unicorns. I’m one of them, although I’m probably ADHD inattentive more than autistic. We’re still all here to serve and have a right to be embodied, not feel put upon to make you feel comfy.

We’ve consistently stayed in a nice alpha wave hum for our brains for 24 hours at a very low amplitude. It’s gone up to 8.18 hz also. This should allow us to think more clearly as a collective about what we want for our human race. There is only ONE human race and thousands of diverse cultures. That’s nature.

The challenge is to daily stay in the CENTER of the body, the eternal present. Your body IS TIME. All life IS time, very dynamic, and subject to free will.

It’s time to grow up as a collective and realize we have the power over our own lives. As we do it en masse, the low level B.S. on this planet will drop away. Basically, anything that isn’t love, empowerment, and creativity will cease.

No one is going to choose for us. Basically, both men and women need to be more independent and take care of themselves instead of functioning in a parental role with each other. Marriage has been far, far too much like parenting. That’s why it doesn’t last. Humans have evolved to grow up and mature, have free will, and be interdependent.

The 5GForce meditation

I unify in order to EVOLVE. Attracting synchronicity, I seal the matrix of navigation with the magnetic tone of purpose. I a guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 157 from NOAA

MINOR GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Solar wind data suggest that a CME passed close to Earth on June 24th around 1900 UT. The near miss opened a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere and sparked a minor G1-class geomagnetic storm. This could be the CME from last Tuesday’s X1-flare; it was expected to miss with a slight chance of minor contact on June 24th. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

MID-LATITUDE NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS: Last night in Europe, observers saw noctilucent clouds (NLCs) as far south as Italy. Paolo Bardelli sends this picture from Vegonno at latitude +45N:

“I wasn’t absolutely sure that this was an NLC,” says Bardelli. However, two factors suggest it is: First, the very fine ripples in Bardelli’s photo are typical of NLCs. Ripples are impressed upon the clouds by gravity waves propagating up to the mesosphere from storms near Earth’s surface.

Second, a similar cloud was sighted at about the same time in Germany, shown here in a photo from Heiko Ulbricht of Saxony at latitude +51N:

“This was my NLC first sighting in the 2023 season– a small but beautiful NLC just over the north horizon,” says Ulbricht. “It’s about time we got something to see. NLC season is extremely sluggish this year.”

NLCs are clouds of frosted meteor smoke. They form every year in summer when wisps of water vapor rise up to the edge of space. At altitudes greater than 80 km, the water crystallizes around disintegrated meteoroids, forming electric-blue structures visible in the night sky.

Ulbricht noted that this season is “extremely sluggish.” Solar Cycle 25 might be to blame. Extreme ultraviolet photons from the active sun make it harder for ice to form in the mesosphere, suppressing NLCs. Mid-latitude sightings like these could be rare in the summer of 2023. Enjoy them while you can!

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