Synchronicity when the ScR predicted a rise in amps, we had major thunderstorms

In Grand Rapids, the temperature plummeted, the weather got noisy and deluge of rain as the amps rose to 40. Frequency went up slightly to alpha 8.06.

So there is my homework for the day. We now know there is a direct correlation between amplitude or sound of Psi Bank magnetosphere frequency level which dictates the weather caused by the collective MIND of all DNA on earth, with sound or The Tones of Creation.

There are 13 tones, and today is cosmic tone 13, the end of the 13-day cycle. I can still hear a lot of thunder northeast of my house. The 13 tones are various hz levels, so there must be a correlation with 8.06 hz?

The other enigma that occurred today was that the whole house was humming on a tone B lower octave. There was a sonic hum outside on a B, the espresso machine was a B, and the fans upstairs were a B. I checked it on the piano. That has never happened before. Tone B is 118.8hz, so I did some math. It hasn’t come to sense yet.🤷‍♀️

In sound, there are minor fluctuations in a tone that account for differences in pitch. I have a table of pitch and hertz frequencies that will be included in The Tones of Creation book. It’s all the power of NATURE, which is TIME AS DNA IN MOTION. We see and create the movement in our bodies and on the planet.

You heard it here first.

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