Putin is pulsing today

Today, White 12 Crystal Wind Glycine
Putin’s birth gateway. Zelensky is Blue Hand and is on the right as his analog. Their mutual antipode challenge is today, White Wind on the left, COMMUNICATION. They’ve both been used by the U.S. to cover for the crime of Covid foisted on the world.

Biden’s interference has created this war by throwing OUR 40 billion dollars at Ukraine to cover up US supported bioterrorism industry labs in Ukraine. This war was bought by the left agenda.

The truth is, Biden wants control of the entire region for himself. He wants Russia and Ukraine for the C@$%^.

After all, who do you think is the source of scamdemic? There are 6 international sponsors of the creation of the Covid virus. It’s artificial. Dr. Chavez discovered the sources in March 2020. Ever since the theft of the 2020 election, this has been the theft of freedom from the U.S.sposored by Biden-Obama-Clinton; Worldbridger and 2, 4 Skywalkers.

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