It’s 7:45am and this came up on the ScR site

The timing on this is no mistake. We left the central channel, we are on the next 20-day run in the harmonic of the second half of the Tzolkin, Kimn 131 to 260, so we are on the FUTURE strand of our DNA evolving forward.

Can you feel the pivot? Attributes it’s of the pivot:

  • Silly competition with others who you are jealous of bc you don’t take care of yourself first.
  • Codependency doesn’t work anymore
  • Desire to create happiness simply
  • More independent
  • Drinking doesn’t numb it anymore
  • Deep fatigue
  • Or high energy
  • Bored with the past. Ready to move on.

Good morning to me. Looks like Putin. Maybe it’s a pro Ukraine, Anti-Russia stunt or the opposite? I don’t support any of it.

The Schumann Resonance site has been hacked in a big way.

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