Drive Thru McChanges? So you can get back to normal?

Nothing is going back to normal. Heads up. We finished a 26,000 year cycle in 2012. We are in the 11th year, and the timespiral is going to the future in our brains. We ARE NOT AI, we are real intelligence.

Sunday 980 views, Monday 1100 views

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…20 views.

What’s with people? They’re just freaking out and grabbing at any shiny object that might explain why the Schumann Resonance went so high?

I did, but they give it little extra thought even when I explain it, take it, and run.

You might want to pay attention. In the next two years, events are going to get weirder, and I’ve been tracking these cycles for 33 years. I’m sure we’ll be fine, but you’re going to need to adapt and change your wish that we’d go back to the past, or it won’t be fine.

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