We have an Odd ScR Situ-Ed Level 1

We are in a very active binary resonance phase from HF30 to HF36. Time is literally TWISTING in collective DNA. At the end of HF 35, we hit Yellow 10 Planetary Sun, which ends the 20-day cycle, which is the Axis of the Eternal Present or Timelessness. It creates magic and eternity as ONE with time moving. Human DNA has this energy bc of our evolution.

I’m not sure about other DNA, but we don’t have to atrophy and die. We can just leave and go somewhere else when we’re done on earth. Old age death is not necessary at all. Yellow Sun is the stop codon in the DNA sequence, so this is a status report to the galactic center.

Don’t let anyone in esoteric or ET fields tell you we are on a TIMELINE. They are incorrect and don’t understand biology, physics, and geomancy. Time is not linear on a line, and our language needs to reflect that.

Our current time is a dualistic spiral. As we move to HF 35 tomorrow, we come upon Blue 9 Storm, which is solar tryptophan. If you read spaceweather, that is exactly what is happening with the sunspot and the lightning.

All of this is about evolving our DNA. It’s that simple. The earth and local system are our parental home as star children, and they are helping us grow up! What so many humans resist is that they love us. No family is perfect, not even in the universe, but it is set up to be nurturing for the most part, and we see that predominantly in nature. It’s not the exception. It’s the rule.

Spectrogram looks nuts and frequency, and Amp has never been this low.

I think it’s the lightning. See below.


UNSTABLE SUNSPOT: What are the odds of looking at the sun and catching a sunspot in mid-flare? Actually, the odds are pretty good when the sunspot is AR3335. The active region has an unstable ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that has it teetering on the edge of an eruption.

Yesterday, amateur astronomer Richard Schrantz of Nicholasville, Kentucky, experienced the phenomenon firsthand:

“I was able to see a flare rapidly develop from nothing to maximum in about 45 seconds,” says Schrantz. “It was just a C4 but I thought it looked even bigger.”

Indeed, bigger flares may be in the offing. The sunspot poses a threat for strong M-class eruptions. NOAA forecasters say there is a 30% chance of M-class flares on June 18th. Any flares from this sunspot will be geoeffective as it is almost directly facing Earth. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

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100 LIGHTNING BOLTS: When you see lightning, run! That’s what NOAA advises in lightning safety brochures. Photographer Uğur İkizler did not heed this warning on June 16th when a massive thunderhead rolled over Mudanya, Turkiye. Standing his ground, he captured an epic display:


“This merged view shows all of the lightning that occured during a 50 minute period just before local midnight,” says İkizler.

There were more than 100 bolts — cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-water — strafing the shore and surrounding waters with surges of electricity measuring more than 30 thousand amps. Each bolt carved a scorching-hot path through the atmosphere, heating the air to 30,000 degrees Celsius, about 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.

Is it too late to run? Learn more about lightning from the National Severe Storms Laboratory.

We are still in HF34, the central axis.

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Sun is almost done with Gemini
  • A New Moon occurs in the sign of Gemini early today–at 12:37 AM EDT, presenting us with opportunities to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Twins in the coming weeks. The New Moon in Gemini clears a path for new beginnings with learning, sharing, writing, speaking, and connecting. There can be a lot to process, and we may feel that so many factors are involved that it’s challenging to make a decision. We may need to adjust expectations, as we can be see-sawing between seeing too much and too little opportunity. Our conversations or thoughts can lead us in new directions, or there can be new paths for our projects.
  • This lunation forms a square to Neptune, and some disillusionments are likely before we embark on a new road. We can be wrestling with perceptions and expectations. It’s hard to see our direction, but our discomfort with the past can be very real now, motivating new beginnings.
  • In fact, the Sun forms a square to Neptune tonight, and we might question our purpose, goals, or sense of duty. If we’ve lacked inspiration or motivation, we can feel it more acutely now. We may be dealing with some disorganization, impracticality, or a temporary energy drain. This transit challenges us to consider our needs for inspiration and imagination, which might conflict with our plans and goals. We may need to confront the areas of our lives where reality isn’t measuring up to our ideals. Until we find ways to incorporate more spirit into our lives, there can be problems with feeling motivated.It can be a time of increased spiritual awareness and vision, even if we initially struggle with this.
  • There may be detours or distractions to deal with now.
  • Ideally, we come up with ideas for refueling, and this new energy is more authentic and fulfilling.
  • The Moon is void from 2:24 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Neptune), until the Moon enters Cancer at 6:57 AM EDT.

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