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I will post in the morning. Need to sleep and dream now. The Amp has not gone down yet at 10:30pm

I posted on there that my psychic sense is that over the next few days, as we cross the omega and alpha points, we may stay at this high Amp and slowly increase frequency, MAYBE.

In order to bring low frequency humans along with the natural changes, we may hum along up to 8.10hz and steady our brains there. I never hum this low, so this is difficult.

The strong message to me from the universe is that they DO NOT want to lose genetic diversity in our fabulous human species just because some are slower.

This has been a truly unfortunate planet with the C@#$% and nefarious through no fault of our own!! We need to be as positive and supportive with each other as possible.

Be apprised that as the days go forward to the next 130 days, the other guture time AC DNA spiral, the other half of the Tzolkin, we will lose the most stubborn of our species, the most closed hearted and unwilling to ascend in consciousness.

I advise keeping the TV and legacy MSM news off. Eat less, meditate more, walk, drink water. Be cloistered, sleep.

Tomorrow, we begin HF35 with Red 7 Resonant Earth, which is high synchronicity and navigation moving the LEFT NECK.

Next day, White 8 galactic Mirror upleveling through the LEFT EYE.

THEN Blue 9 Solar Storm. We will get some major weather, left side of the head and brain activating, and then…

YELLOW 10 PLANETARY SUN, top of the right head, right brain. The Sun may look different again as it has already.

We’ll see. Be good.🥰😎💜🙏

Namaste. Lisa T., Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

May Source be with you.😇🌍🌅🛸🚡🪂☀️🌈🪐

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