True Time Update for 6/16/23

Our bodies are focused on evolving Self-existing lysine today in synchronicity with the Earth’s magnetosphere. Lysine symbols are White 4 Wizard, receptiveness, the Mayan goddess Ixchel, psychic,magician, heart knowing shaman, female principle, and natural female embodiment.

4lysine, 4serine, 4aspartic acid, 4valine, 10isoleucine.
The amplitude is 62, and the frequency is going up later.

CIR SPARKS G2-CLASS GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Last night, Earth lit up like a Christmas tree with auroras at both poles. The reason: A co-rotating interaction region (CIR) hit our planet’s magnetic field. (This is astronomy speak for we moved into HF34 after the binary triplet configuration pivot in the Psi Bank on kin 130 in HF33. Saying it lit up like a Christmas tree is an apt metaphor since we were in White 13 Dog, the Holy Spirit coordinates 33:10:13:130. That is HF33, tribe 10, tone 13, kin133 securing implicate order from long-term hacking by nefarious actors.)

“The display in New Zealand was one for the ages,” reports Ian Griffin from Hoopers Inlet on the Otago Peninsula:

“The aurora kept pulsing and, just as you thought it was going to end it exploded into life again,” he says. “What a night!” (The Tzolkin pulses also. Same thing. The auroras are the Tzolkin)

Many sky watchers have never heard of “CIRs”. They form in the interstices between solar wind streams, especially where fast streams blow through slower-moving gas. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, producing shock-like structures that mimic CMEs. (Big SUN OR STOP CODON involvement)

The impact of a CIR on June 15th opened a crack in our planet’s magnetic field and sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm that persisted through June 16th. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

more images: from Philip Granrud of Whitefish, Montana; from Kalyky of Custer County, Montana; from Didier Walliang of Quesnoy-le-Montant, France; from Jamie McBean of Herne Bay, Kent, UK;

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  • With today’s Chiron-Pallas trine, it’s a powerful period for unique, helpful ideas. We are willing to make changes, especially in our attitudes. Conversations are two-way, mutually beneficial, healing, and inspiring.
  • While the Moon’s square to Saturn and conjunction to Mercury point to some reverberations from yesterday’s Mercury-Saturn square, Mercury is recovering quickly: it forms a creative quintile to Neptune, and we are more idealistic, spiritually aware, compassionate, and sensitive. (Sync with our guide power, White Dog mediated by Mercury.)
  • Mercury’s also heading toward a sextile with Venus, and we communicate with warmth and style.


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