Mel Gibson Birth Oracle. He’s in the news.

Blue Eagle is mediated by Jupiter, the Pentagon, 5, and the headquarters of the ICC. It’s the story of The Annunaki, the serpent and the eagle. Corey is also this gateway. Everyone has a certain amount of light and shadow. Corey’s best friend is David Wilcock. They are both Pisces and David is Yellow 10 Seed, so he is analog support to Corey.

January 3, 1956, Mel Gibson. It’s  also my father’s birth gateway, a very Christian good ole boy, 10/10/36. My mother is Blue Hand, so she was his guide power to misbehave.

These people use old Babylonian sex magic, which is like money magic creating chaos with media 12:60 in people’s grounding, so they struggle to activate the Central Axis to meditate in their bodies and be empowered.

This is a Catholic cult rant from Mel Gibson on TikTok. The dude is ripe in the time thieves narrative that Jose talked about, so he sounds nuts. This showed up on my Twitter feed “videos for you” this morning bc I commented on one of Elon’s threads where he posted a picture of buff Mel Gibson. I think this is bait to see what I know about the Church. Mel Gibson is orthodox Catholic and well read and outspoken about the Church.

I believe the Vatican supports immigrants pouring across our borders to fill the pews of the predatory Church which is dying off, bring in new converts, and to increase assets to their sponsor of the sex trafficking ring for the DS. This is my INTUITION, what appears to me in remote viewing. I have no 3D evidence.

I was deep in Catholic territory in 2005-2009 and worked as a liturgical music director, but I was dialed up into the spacetime matrix by then, having been in it since 1990. I’ve been dialing up synchronicity since then, all the time for 33 years. This was after I had become a Reiki Master and trained healer, so I was basically a spiritual infiltrator to initiate karma in the Church before 2012, the end of our 26,000 year cycle.

I achieved my goal, and before 7/26/2012, the Mayan New Year, the frequencies were in place. There was so much synchronicity that it was thick! The story of the rogue priest Phil is in my book Healer. It’s pretty sad, and he died later. His death gateway was in complete synchronicity with his birth.

He says on here that priests and bishops aren’t criminals, but that’s not true. They are sexual predators of women, nuns, and young boys, as we know. Phil was straight, hit on me and other women in the parish as all straight men do in all workplaces, so he was normal. It was completely inappropriate as it always is and I filed a 6 page report to the Diocese. But he was activist and opinionated in the pulpit and outright advocated for priests getting  married, which I agree with.

He was having an affair with his secretary and wanted to with me. True to form, I shoved him agressively away bc he was my boss and didn’t love me anyway. I resigned.

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