True Time Update for 6/12/23 It is Kin 130, the exact center of the Tzolkin, and we are at the end of White Mirror Wavespell

We’ve entered HF33; Lunar, polarizing process. Formulate the FREE WILL of Challenge. This harmonic consists of Red 12 Crystal Moon, White 13 Cosmic Dog, Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey, and Yellow 2 Polar Human. There is no governing 3D I Ching. We are seriously in the TWILIGHT ZONE, not Space time. Just 5D. It’s a good day to meditate.

White 13 Dog, Red 13 Moon, White 13 Wizard, Yellow 13 Sun, Blue 1 Monkey.

This is the turnaround of the DNA time spiral in the binary triplet configuration. There are no time LINES because time spirals as trillions of DNA cells in all DNA life forms on Earth. It’s not linear, so the word timeline” is a misnomer. Time is eternal and comes from the female and is served by the male. Service is not a doormat but an honor. It’s not power over it is shared power. But it is not happening on earth, so the birth rate is plummeting. Men still insult women publicly and on social media and act like they own the place.

We see cosmic Love as White 13 Dog guided by the goddess Ixchel, White 13 Cosmic Wizard. Her feelings matter, supported by analog Red 13 Cosmic Moon. Men have feelings, but that doesn’t make them gay. There is confusion here because of media programming of “man up.” It destroys men’s hearts, and they’re told their function is to suffer and sacrifice. Then they go to war and get blown up. 😒

We’re in HF33 mediated by Mercury today as we get the push to evolve forward from 5D, not spacetime. We may feel blurry and dreamy today, which is at it should be.

We’re in a healing, harmonious mode with the Moon in ♈️ Aries. Most Aries love peace, not fighting. We tend to be courageous lightworkers and healers that lead, which makes others uncomfortable because of our confidence. That’s not war or selfish but honoring yourself, which we’re programmed not to do on this planet. Hopefully, it will change soon.

The 5gforce is White 1 Magnetic Dog

I unify in order to love. Attracting loyalty I seal the process of heart with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 170

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