, 6/11/23

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Text created by ChatGPT and other Large Language Models is spreading rapidly across the Internet. It’s well-written, artificial, and frequently inaccurate. If you find a mistake on, rest assured it was made by a real human being. This is an AI Free zone!”-NOAA

This astronomical.status update is in exact synchronicity with the Psi Bank, the Mayan Tzolkin Oracle. THE SUN IS TURNING ON ITS AXIS as we are in the axis of the eternal present. The oracle is literally true. But this movement also directly applies to the earth holon and our body holon or etheric body.

MANY FARSIDE SUNSPOTS: Helioseismic maps of the farside of the sun show multiple large active regions, probably sunspots. This means the sunspot number should remain high as the sun turns on its axis in the weeks ahead. Disappearing Earthside sunspots will be replaced by farside counterparts. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

M-FLARE FROM AN UNEXPECTED SOURCE: Sunspot AR3331 exploded on June 9th (1711 UT), producing an M2.5-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash:

A pulse of radiation ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere. This, in turn, caused a minor blackout of shortwave radio transmissions over the Gulf of Mexico: map. Mariners may have noticed loss of signal at frequencies below 15 MHz for as much as 30 minutes after the flare.

Priviously, this sunspot was not thought to pose a threat for strong solar flares. AR3331 may have some tricks up its sleeve as it turns toward Earth this weekend. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

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