True Time Update for 6/11/23-We are in HF33, 11 years past 2012 which was the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle of evolution

12Methionine, 12Aspartic Acid,12Cystine, 12Trytophan, 2Human

The gist of the evolutionary frequency today is communal, universal feelings supported by communal love. It’s guided by our ROOTS, Crystal Red Dragon, blood memory and the primordial Mother. It’s challenged by our brains which are ignited by tryptophan, electrolytes, and hormones, specifically adrenaline and testosterone that make us lash out and act out in our homes, on the streets, and on social media. Humans are primate animals mixed with ET starseed, upleveled by the 4D DNA of JC while he was here.

To a great degree, the sacred calendar illuminates the masters of Christ consciousness who have come here to help us. I know how controversial J.C. is, but he did exist, and millions of people on earth honor his heart. He is the Great Healer of Love and Service, an example for us on those points.

The Hidden Wisdom is a balanced, grounded, earth based human, a yellow ripener that speaks directly to our evolution as children of the stars and GAIA.

The 5GForce

I polarize in order to play. Stabilizing ILLUSION, I seal the process of magic with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of abundance.

Kin171, Blue 2 Polar Monkey

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