True Time Update for June 10, 2023, Just before HF33; 11~3 Pulse is like getting an electrical shock

11~3 activates implicate order in HF33 since there is no binary resonance or ELM in the central column. This is the time when there is direct access to the upper dimensions as we shift from past to future in 4D. It moves through the GForce.

The GForce today is Yellow 3 Electric Human, Kin 172

I Activate in order to influence. Bonding WISDOM I seal the process of FREE WILL with the electric tone of Service. I am guided by the power of Intelligence.

Kin 172-The Dreamspell
It is the day before we enter HF33

The QI acupen I use on my patients is precisely this way. It’s got a battery but is activated by one hand on the patient’s body and pulsing the tip on the contracted muscle with the other. Then, the muscle shakes. Most patients like it because the muscle needs activation. It’s not an electrical shock. It’s just enough QI to get it moving. Then they get my manual therapy/Reiki and are cured over time. There is no need for surgery or drugs.

When you work out, you use your own ELM QI to move your muscles, which is very healthy in moderation. If you overdo it you risk injury because your yang qi is not balanced with your yin qi, force, and reception, male and female, light and dark, hot and cold, and so forth. All men and women have to balance their yin and yang.

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