I’ve been posting on here since 2013

For any new people on here from Twitter or WP, I had about 2500 posts on here. I managed to get my most complex Tzolkin Matrix analysis and other things copied to my hard drive and deleted it from WP. WordPress needs to ban chatGBT from this site.

What I will do in the future is create a monetized subscription service and send them to your email if you subscribe.

I may not post them to a Twitter subscription because Elon supports AI learning from humans, and I don’t. I ask that if you get them that you not put them on the internet. It’s an ask.

I have 500 of my posts off of here, and they are gems. There is more to get off. They are copyrighted. You are not welcome to copy anything.

My books can be purchased on amazon.com by searching on Lisa K Townsend. There are four of them. I have put countless hours into this research, and I ask you to be respectful.

This is just a reminder that my research is hypothetical, and I welcome contributors. However, I don’t believe Jose Arguelles’ work on Earth Ascending is considered hypothetical and neitner are the archeological facts about the Maya.

His source was the Maya channeled. Jose was very shamanistic and more.

Thanks. Lisa T.

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