I guess WordPress and Twitter are Safer than the other apps right now.

This is part of my backyard. Remember nature, animals, soil, and fresh air? They are not digital. They are DNA like us and evolving RNA.

It’s a predatory storm out there right now. I was in it and shut it down. It turns out the seasoned scammers that use AI and make deep fake videos of Elon are all over Telegram. They fake call you and send a fake AI voice recording of him and fake video of him. He needs to put a stop to it. Unless he’s sponsoring it to earn more revenue. Maybe he’s outsourcing crypto marketing to minions all over the world. He uses Skype to do it, too. They manage to AI manipulate his voice, or he gives them a recording to use.

I’m not sure about him yet. He’s bleeding money on Twitter big time and spends 2 billion dollars to blow up a spaceX rocket in a practice run! Very abnormal. White 3 Electric Worldbridger, and he has verbally expressed that “he is in the matrix.” I’m keeping an eye on him.

There were 3 a day on Insta as well. So, block chain technology is the perfect place for them where they can’t be tracked or caught begging for cryptocurrency investment. I deleted both apps.

Instagram, Meta owned, wasn’t much better. I was getting hit on 10 times a day by men and women. Twitter is still quite sex focused, too, or just very dysfunctional, full of low intelligent people who like to fight and engage in politics. I get 15 DM’s a day, people wanting to know me or befriend me.

I haven’t figured out what to do with them yet bc I have work to do, not be a social butterfly. I need an employee to do it to keep them as followers.

However, the blue check verification system raises everyone up a level on there, although most won’t buy it, which means their ID could be fake or they are a bot. That’s probably the case on WP, too, that some of my followers are AI bots.

Scammers and fake people are viral right now, AI is helping them scam, and AI generated images and intrusion are all over the place bc of Open AI. Nothing is real digitally, but I am, and this blog is.

Many of my peers are cloistering right now bc humans are so toxic, and we hold sacred space in our bodies and homes and intend to continue to be of service during the paradigm shift.

I appreciate your follows, likes, and support on here as I navigate. Humanity and evolution are under siege, which I’ve talked about for a long time on here.

I have 180 followers now on Twitter in one month and getting tons of responses on my comments. Too many. Twitter sent a notice that they would filter them for me based on certain criteria. Very helpful.

Updates will continue on here. Remember that the UAP reports from NASA can be fake, too, AI generated. It’s more important than ever to use your human intuition and stay dialed up to true time. 12:60 is crumbling.

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