True Time Update-Full Moon is in Sag today

We can ride a thoughtform in new ideas and approaches to problems today. I’ve been feeling it all morning. I’m brainstorming on a new Synchronicity app called time~xri, which is time-space and real intelligence. I want to get away from the romper room symbols, though, and culturalism. It needs to be a universal app for all people, for android and Apple as well as a universal approach and educational. I’ll see what it costs to have it in different languages but it will be more biology/health based because people need to understand their own bodies instead of relying on doctors and being mandated into deadly vaccines.

June 4, 2023, Sunday

The 3D Astrology is in exact sync again with 4D. There is a Uranus-Mercury conjunction. Uranus mediates the theme and Mercury the guide power.!!

Here’s a little taste of AI for ya. This is my opinion on my feed, and I am obviously speaking for myself, and a male AI advocate attacked me. I gave it right back. No skin off my nose. He was wrong. That’s fine. People have the right to be wrong.

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