True Time Update-We Enter an Epic Self-programming Opportunity

For the next 20 days, there is no electrical charge or binary resonance in time moderating the 5gforce from the brain and spinal cord, crown chakra, and pineal gland. Normally, the 3D ELM is mediated by the binary resonance inherent in gravity as positive and negative charge that programs our manifested bodies from right to left. Then the etheric body (the aura, as wide as arms outstetched) picks up that vibration as memory of the past and wishes for the future which keeps us IN the body in the holographic matrix we call life.

Down the center is our Life Force, the Axis of the Eternal Present, or Timelessness. That high energy comes to the fore today. You may feel high, happy, motivated, pain-free, aligned, determined, or focused. I do. It’s a good vibe.🤩🥰🙂

Today we enter HF31-Resonant Input, Inform the flowering of ATTUNEMENT. I Ching4; Youthful Folly. We are evolving Valine, Yellow Seed. The 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Storm so there is likely plenty of trouble brewing, as always, just like the last million years since humans got here.

Red 4 Self-existing Dragon to Yellow 10 Planetary Su

We move the energy from the right brain and eye (Red Dragon) and down to Red Moon foot and around, up the left side of the body to Yellow Sun Stop Codon on the top of the right crown chakra. Just as you see the tribes lined up on the image below is the order they go around your body.

Coming up is HF33 in the center of the column, Red 12 Moon right foot, then White 13 Dog, Blue 1 Monkey, and Yellow 2 Human. This evolution is what got us walking on 2 legs UPRIGHT and tuned into feelings which are a gateway to love, not love itself. Those feelings of bonding keep the family unit going and have been challenged of late more than usual due to gender confusion. That may be an understatement. However, they haven’t managed to kill the mother, sex, and reproduction just yet.

I’ve posted this often. Imagine the black dot on top, the Outer Galaxy to be your head. Imagine the planets as your spine, the rest is obvious from right to left of the body. Those tribes are ANALOG on the left and the right just as THE BODY IS supportive of itself from left to right. The planets mediate the energy of the whole body as ONE UNIT.

Please note the pivotal position of White 1 Mirror to the LEFT EYE/BRAIN. It’s main attribute is MEDITATION and I’ve posted before. It’s a key gateway and explained in my book with a physics equation. It’s on pages 129-133 of Time is DNA. Meditation, Self-Generation and Enlightenment take us around to Yellow Sun. NOW, today, we’re grounded again in MEMORY. Look at Red Dragon. Today is Tone 4 so EARTH, mother, blood memory, primordial mother, etc.

We have the oracles to help become co- creators, understanding what we’re really made from; stardust, amino acids spinning at high velocity via ELM gravity,  and dimensions of MIND.

If you don’t program your own brain with desires and intentions, someone will do it for you via media, Church, and State (politics). The separating out now in the population is between;

  • those who make the effort to think and move through their lives the way they wish (critical thinking), and
  • those who are lazy or too wounded and prefer to be programmed slaves and obedient to mandates.

We can see the extreme divergence now, especially on Twitter, which is why people avoid it. They like the fantasy of FB, billions of them. Twitter only has 250 million, which is very low.

The purpose of politics is to incite both parties to destroy each other so the elite DS can keep everything for themselves. They’ve been doing it for 300 years.

This is a cool new song that goes with the vibe today.

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