True Time Update for 3Sun. We’re Moving Into the Mystic Column Tomorrow

Today is Yellow 3 Electric Sun.

The Tzolikin tracks 4Dtime moving and manifesting in the 3Dbody and the Mystic Column in 5D as the brain and spinal cord.

The energy that can spin in your CNS is not electricity and has no polarity as the physical body does. The physical body is ELM gravity with INTENTION TO BE HERE. Therefore, you can sit IN TIME in your body, as your manifested self, and also be in timelessness when you meditate and remote view, commune with your Higher Self or spirit helpers.

The Mystic column is initiated every 260 days on White 1 Magnetic Mirror, the White Mirror 13 day cycle, which takes us to Red 4 Self-existing Dragon at the top of the Mystic column. Dragon and Mirror are ANALOG and mediate the evolution of our dualistic brain.

Look to the top of the next column tomorrow. Meditation in 5D will be very powerful for this 20-day cycle, Red 4 Dragon to Yellow 10 Sun. HF 33 is in the center, and we are in the binary crossover configuration that creates all life and evolution in DNA.

We don’t have 2 brains but 2 hemispheres of ONE brain. It functions as one whole brain, as does our body. This is holism 101. We are not in pieces. Sickcare and the docs treat us and cut us into pieces. Don’t let them. They profit from you being unhappy and unwell and in pieces. That’s why our “Time is Money” society exists. It is out of alignment with natural evolution. We need to REMEMBER our ancient technology and our ancestors from past and future and bring it forward.

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