CCP Presents ‘Grave Threat’ to the US Homeland: DHS Official

It’s the Serpent and the Eagle tug of war with a different face. We are in the Red Serpent Wavespell, which is part of the time portal for China. The other part is Red Dragon. Blue 11 Eagle is coming up and is the time portal over part of the U.S.

They are antipode

Synchronistically, the karma of Biden and Trump are right there in this wavespell, tones 2 and 3 right under Red Serpent.

We end this wavespell with Red 13 Cosmic Earth, my guide power. Cosmic synchronicity programs the planet, and I’ve proven that over 35 years of tracking. No one can change the date of their birth. It’s eminently verifiable. Plug it into the app, and there are the destiny coordinates of the person in time. It’s the truth in a very fake world. I want to create a new app that is more comprehensive with no spelling errors for Android and iPhone. The app would be unhackable by AI.

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