The Pleiades

On the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map, we see our location of the Pleiades, pulsing to GALACTIC Tone 8. On either side of The Pleiades is Antares and Arcturus, Tone 6 and Tone 7. This may be the source of the Tones of Creation.

Today is Resonant Tone 7, Blue 7 Monkey with analog Yellow 7 Star. They are mediated by VENUS whose symbol of LIBRA is half of the Omega symbol which you see in the Omega Father Galaxy, Tone 11, Spectral, busting things apart. Note the ALPHA MOTHER GALAXY THAT COMES BEFORE IT as Tone 10 Manifestation and then to Cooperative, Collective, Tone 12, Hunab Ku, Galactic Center.

The female is Alpha. The male is Omega. There ya have it. My God.

We Tone 13’s resonate to Omnigalactic Source for all the good it does us on this way-station planet of men blowing as much up as they can. Notice Earth is TONE !-Magnetic and we are ELM manifested creatures in the holographic time 13:20 matrix.

It will be an epigenetic hypothesis in my book, as modern SCIENCE with its reductionist scientific method and genocidal dreams for humanity over the last 3 years, has to prove it their male way with lab toys to fit it into their narrative to enslave people before I get any validation on this planet from regular followers who listen to every mic they drop because they wear ties and control most of the money on earth. What a joy.

What is the meaning of the spaceweather we see below? We are getting closer to the pivot point and bringing in higher energy galactic information to propel us into the next evolutionary level. Our Sun went up to the Pleiades and got some.

A SOLAR STORM AND THE PLEIADES: Before the launch of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) in 1995, astronomers had never seen anything like this. Behold, a solar storm passing directly in front of the Pleiades:

SOHO recorded this rare conjunction on May 21st. An erupting filament of magnetism near the sun’s north pole propelled the CME into space just as the Seven Sisters were passing by. Electra, Taygete, Maia, Celaeno, Alcyone, Sterope, and Merope spent nearly three hours shining through the translucent solar storm.

When SOHO left Earth almost 30 years ago, it carried the first realtime coronagraph into space. Coronagraphs are devices that create an artificial eclipse, blocking the glare of the sun to reveal nearby stars, planets, and comets. No telescope on Earth could see something as faint as the Pleiades only a few degrees from the sun, but SOHO does it all the time.

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MULTIPLE FARSIDE SUNSPOTS: We can’t see the farside of the sun, but we know what’s happening there. The science of helioseismology allows researchers to make crude maps of the sun’s hidden hemisphere. Their latest map reveals at least three large farside sunspots:

The black blobs are sunspots so large they effect the way the whole sun vibrates. Indeed, these vibrations are the data used by helioseismologists to pintpoint the unseen spots. One of the sunspots will rotate onto the Earthside of the sun later this week. The other two will remain hidden for a week to 10 days; then they will appear as well. With these regions in the offing, the sunspot number should remain high for some time to come.

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