The Gates-Epstein Connection Highlights Major Accusation Against the Deceased Child Sex Trafficker

There are dismal effects on our DNA here. Emotional/sexual abuse is the 2nd and 1st chakras where Venus and Mercury pulse. Yellow Star~Blue Monkey and Red Moon~White Dog from just below the navel down to the feet. It’s all grounding, sex, and physical love, but for thousands of years, women have given it away to manipulate men to get what they want and need; money and children.

As I’ve said before, not everything about Venus is love and paradise. It’s pulsing in time on our past Venus karma.

Gates is Yellow 7 Star mediated by Venus. Like Schwab, of the WEF, who is Blue Monkey, they are Venusian overlords in shadow. They may even be working together through the WEF supporting child trafficking. They are both bad guys.

The remedy here is; women en masse, billions of us the world over getting education and becoming financially independent from men, and instead, relying on each other instead of competing with each other for men’s attention.

Sexual desire is a powerful force. It’s just an idea. I think celibacy can be a good thing if it means independence from a male, but I’m afraid most women don’t agree with me if they are heterosexual.

There are ways to organize it so everyone wins as long as there are no small children involved. It seems we need to reorganize everything in our society.

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