Gendercide, Specifically Female Erasure

I’ve gotten 635 likes on a one word tweet, “heroine”. It’s crazy. Simply because the person who tweeted the post on Sophie Scholl, I believe from Denmark, believes that all masculine forms of all nouns in the English language cover females. So, he believes ALL feminine forms of words should cease to exist. 😵😳🧐He tweeted that she was a hero and I corrected him and scads of people liked it.

Words are life and describe life, so that is tantamount to female erasure. I didn’t know who he was when I tweeted “heroine.” I was just correcting his language mistake.

Then I saw a tweet from him saying that “hate speech is censored now, so there is no free speech, which is fascism.” If he thinks hate speech should be legal, then he must think murder should be legal. It’s no different.

They call love and natural sex and biological genders. hate, and politically correct, to be destroyed and derided. I suppose they shake their fist at a volcano and think it should obey also! Same with trees? That’s what being hetero-normative has become, and it’s being taken out on women. These men hate their mothers probably for some abuse or birth trauma. There we have the issue I blog about all the time as the Hidden Wisdom, the subconscious mind programmed by the birth parents. People who have a negative programming need therapy.

These people have twisted logic to try to make it mean what they want it to mean; abject evil, destruction, and hate when it’s just their personal issue they are projecting instead of getting private help.

Female Erasure

Try not to hurl when you see this.

DENMARK: Statue of Man Breastfeeding At Former Women’s Museum Prompts Criticism

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