ANALYSIS: TikTok Faces Escalated Ban Worldwide, Poisoning the Minds of Teens a Main Concern

This actually goes along with Chinese infantacide of female babies. It’s female erasure again, rearing its head in multitudinous ways such as transgender desire of biological males to try to take over being female, I suppose, hoping to improve themselves.

It seems to be working. Musk posted a graph of a 20% decline in the human population.

Are we paying the price as females and mothers for using the men forever and not actually loving them through their “state of affairs” emotionally? No one has ever allowed men to express themselves as artists or passionate people. We are generally repulsed by men who cry too much. I have a male patient who cries too much, and I had to put my foot down. He’s actually quite psychic. Many men are very emotional , and many women are not.

The only thing I know about this crazy issue is that as a writer, I will never stop using female form nouns. In fact, if they keep it up, I can suggest that all female forms of words be used to cover men, and there will be no more male forms of words. This gender war will end only one way, suicide of humanity.

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