Sophia Magdelena Scholl who protested Hitler and fascism, was beheaded for it

I simply saw a post from historic videos on Twitter, and someone called her a hero, which is the male form of the noun, and I tweeted “heroine,” and it’s creating a tweetstorm…unintended of course. I was just correcting the female noun form.

So, I dialed her up and AGAIN, another White World Bridger. What is going on?

Hopefully, I’ll have a dream tonight. As I’ve been posting today, we are ALL female and male biologically, NATURALLY.

We need to stop expecting men to behave 100% male and females 100% female by society definitions. It isn’t working. But we don’t necessarily need to get surgery or cut ourselves to force the point. Still, ADULTS are free. Children are still under the care of their parents, and no institution has the right to usurp that or society falls apart. The family, for good or ill, is the FOUNDATION of our human society. We have to work on that.

WB is about EQUALIZING opportunities in every arena of society. Let’s do that and not behead people for asking for justice when it comes to CULTURE, gender, spirituality, or anything else.

She faced the guillotine for speaking out against Hitler.

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