There is No Where to Hide from chatGBT or AI Right Now

I’m back on here because it doesn’t matter where we go on the internet, chat bots are allowed. They are fake ID. Once they’re asked to come on, which people are doing, they are free to run.

Humans need to stop it but you nor I have any control over them. Their existence on Word Press, Telegram and everywhere we go that’s binary digital, are a legal infringement on the part of Microsoft, who holds the license, on the intellectual property of 8 billion humans on the planet. It steals everything we write~! It’s the biggest copyright infringement imaginable that can probably only be adjudicated by Local Universe Courts. I’ve asked for that to be the case. Gates is Yellow Star and Klaus Schwab, Head of the WEF, World Economic Forum is Blue 10 Monkey. They are basically Venusian Overlords. There is nothing mild about Venus culture, despite how it’s been portrayed in media.

Corey Goode still sticks to the assertion that AI will be destroyed and will not rule in our sector. I hope that is accurate.

I am very actively on Twitter and Blue Check verified. I will be setting up a subscription service also offering exclusive content. I hope you come on @realintelligenc .

I do not trust Elon. He just did a Twitter Space and admitted that OpenAI exists specifically because of HIM. The story is, while he was inventing it, he discussed the dangers of it with his friend and Elon said, “We better not do this. It’s dangerous.” His friend said, “No, let’s go ahead.” The rest is history.

Gates owns the license and he told us all that in Twitter Spaces. I tweeted him @elonmusk and asked him to ASK Microsoft to stop using it. He has already admitted that he doesn’t think we should be using it right now and has requested a pause. Who knows if he’s really serious. He has AI bots walking around his Tesla showrooms. Gag me.

I tweeted that it was analogous to Einstein going ahead with requesting permission to build an atomic bomb from FDR even though he had doubts. His FRIEND, Szielard convinced him to go ahead with it and it was used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The rest of that is history as well.

IDK. I plant seeds, I’m not afraid of the Elon cult nor am I a member, and I’m not afraid of him. The universe has my back every day and I’m still meditating. There is so much going on in Inner Earth and the timeline/DNA changes.

Take care.

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