The Energies have Moved Up a Level Today. Can You Feel the Shift?

Psi Bank

It’s going up at a high amplitude

It’s a new moon in Taurus and a new Red1 Serpent, Reptilian, Maldekian 13-day wavespell. Here we go!

Today is White 2 Polar World Bridger, in HF27, beginning the Blue 52 days of burning transformation. It’s Joe Bidens’ birth destiny oracle. Tomorrow is Trump. We’ll see what shakes down today and tomorrow. Yesterday was Red 1 Serpent.

Be apprised that we are closing in on HF30, with WHITE 1 MIRROR, the inverse matrix that pivots time around. It’s a bit complicated, and I’ve written a physics equation for it. It’s in “Time is DNA” starting on page 129 and is the linchpin for the crossover polarity and the binary triplet configuration.

HF31, the Axis of the Eternal Present, our brain and spine are coming up after that.

Keep meditating 🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️ and get that axis spinning in the center of your body. East less food and drink more water.

Have a good day. TGIF.

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