Forgiveness is Tricky

The only person who has the power to forgive you is YOU.

Harry comes at it by the back door on this, but he is correct from his perspective. If you run generalized guilt from behavior of bad habits in the past that hurt others, what he says here is right. If you make a mistake, you are forgiven, which is what my ex used to say.

But my ex never forgave his abusive mother (Red 11 Serpent), and thus, he never forgave himself and hurt his body, vibration, and me with cancer, and died.

That’s how that works. FIRST, you need to make a list of the people who have genuinely mistreated you who you still resent. That emotion is still there because you have a psychic cord to them, like parents, siblings, or ex mates, and then they are still in your vortex. When you forgive, it doesn’t affect them at all. It cuts the negative energy from them that was in your space. Forgivness is for you, not them. As Harry says, you have to just do better now and let go of who you were.

Because you have not forgiven those who hurt you first, you start to offload it with misdirected anger and BS toward other relationships. Now you have karma and FEEL GUILTY. It’s free floating anxiety, which is guilt because you’ve behaved badly because you ABSORBED bad behavior from adults as a child. When you let that go, that’s forgiveness of the energy, not the people.

It’s quite a cycle. IMO, Harry is just seeing the end part. I don’t think he’s done the first part, but I don’t know. Every human being on the planet is in this soup. It is best to let all of the negativity go and just focus on improving yourself. Everyone has a different procedure.

I still have people to release. It’s gradual for me. You lose affinity with people you used to hang out with also.

Here is what I wrote at the front end of the issue last year.


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