Watch “What is going on NEAR the Grand Canyon??” on YouTube-From Corey Goode

Mr. Texas Football narrates this one. Get ready for a rodeo. 🤠😅

All of this activity, on 5/10/23 including wild fires in Belize, are in the 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal. We are a Cardinal kin, 30 degrees,–150degrees W. That was the last Sunspot pivot point.

Look at N. America on the upper left. These are the 4D time portals ONE WITH 3D manifested earth and our bodies. The chakras of the body are 4D etheric and also align with these time portals. Our bodies ARE TIME!!

5/10/23 was Red 2 Polar Skywalker and an extremely karmic day with King Charles Coronation. I posted on Telegram but didn’t see then that Charles was the negative antipode challenge exactly on the day of Dianas’ death!, WHITE 2 Dog, which is the King’s birth oracle.

I’m trying to look at this… We ended the last wavespell with Blue 13 Monkey. OK, looking at the Tzolkin, on April 29, 2023, we started a SUNSPOT PIVOT POINT in the Earth Holon. It was plate 3 of earth at this exact location preceding the new Yellow Human 13-day cycle, which began May 5, 2023, which we are still in today, May 14, 2023, Red 10 Dragon.

From my daily assessment of the Psi Bank daily, we have pivoted up or ascended our collective ALPHA BRAIN WAVE FREQUENCY TO MEDIAN 8.23. IT IS NO LONGER 7.83. No way. That is very low for us now.

WE are choosing to get smarter and focus.

WHEN ALL DNA ON THE PLANET WANTS TO IMPROVE, and we do, the message is picked up by the Sun, or the Stop codon in our collective DNA, it gets shot back to the Earth’s Psi Bank (the Tzolkin) ny the sun, through the time portals, and into our bodies. That’s why we feel different and also why some are losing their marbles.

Be careful out there.

THE SUN LOVES US and responds to our collective request for growth.

The earth is moving in this entire time portal. It is VAST, covers all of N. America I to the Pacific Ocean, part way into Canada, cuts off at the Great Lakes region and the U.P (I live in Blue Eagle Portal) and goes down as far as mid central America.

This is exact. I’m not wrong and been tracking for 30+ years.

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