New Places to Find Me

My voice is starting to be heard on Twitter. I haven’t been on for 30 days yet to get the blue verification check, proving I’m not a bot or a fake person, but I will.

Twitter has a subscription service now for content creators, so that is where my main presence will be. I need to sculpt it carefully. But I need 500 followers first. Please follow me over there.

My posts will likely be a short daily video. It won’t be like WordPress. I’m not sure yet if the public is consuming blogs anymore. ?? If you want to read, my books will continue.

On Twitter–

On Instagram– or just type in name.

Twitter only has 250 million using it, but it will grow. Carlson and RFK Jr. are banned on MSM and now Trump on CNN as outliers and disobedient to the layers of authority above the U.S. government. Remember that Corey taught us there are 10 layers. You want to follow the banned outliers as we proceed forward , unless you want to go over the cliff.

We are finding free speech again on Twitter. Those guys will have their own shows. Twitter also has Twitter Spaces, which is basically a call-in radio show.

It also has quite a few physicists who I’m following, so very intelligent people are on there as well as astronomers, NASA, NOAA, and highly inflammatory and controversial UFOLOGY right now. Also, Corey Goode and Michael Salla are on, but they still won’t follow me. Idk.? I’m starting not to care. I’m an outlier female, and they are more traditional with a mate. Men like that are uncomfortable talking to single women. It’s weird.

Musk is doing ok so far. Of course, I’m in his face about OpenAI, but he’s not crazy about it either. It’s all very controversial. I believe he’s pivoting away from the c%^&* as much as he can without getting killed. That’s my intuition. The same could be true of Zuck, who is also on Twitter now. Remember the dream I had the night of his birth gateway but didn’t know it was his gateway.

Elon publicly says there are no ET, but I believe he has to say that. Jack Scarlatti, a retired physicist feom Cornell told Elon straight out that he was wrong. They are real, and he worked on it as a physicist. I’m taking notes as he posts them, big time, with regard to what he’s found.🙏

Alright, please don’t lose touch, and I hope I’m not drummed off of these for being an outspoken woman. Who knows.I could use your support.

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