The Scandalous Side of Ufology Throughout its History.

This Investigative Document leaked Last Year and has been kicking around in the background until popping up on twitter today.

This was a very preliminary report, and what investigators learned since will shock the world with the Disclosure Establishment never being the same again!! More will become public as the multiple criminal & and civil cases wrap up.

We are producing a Reality TV Series based on EVERYTHING we have been through as we dive into the scandalous side of Ufology through out its history. We will also have other big names in Disclosure come on the show and share their horror stories of being extorted, stolen from and having their lives threatened. We intend to show a side of Disclosure that no one has ever shown. Make sure to visit LightWarriorLegalFund .ORG to see the details of these shocking cases. I am asking everyone to read this report and share it with every contact you have in this community. Ufology and the Disclosure Movement is controlled like a Syndicate. CG

Potential Criminal Activities Against Client – Corey Goode –

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