Penny Mordaunt first woman to present sword to King – BBC News

She is a famous politician in the U.K.

The sword is an archtype of which tribe?

White Mirror, whose analog is?

Red Dragon. I dialed her up in the oracle. She is Yellow 6 Sun and her Hidden Wisdom is Red 8 Dragon. So the analog support of her hidden wisdom is White 8 Galactic Sword. There you have the synchronicity.

Remember, Red Dragon leads tribes Serpent, Moon, Skywalker, and Earth. All these kin are essentially Dragon, so we are all leaders and assertive with plenty of courage. This was a Red 2 Skywalker day, which is the dual sword, and Queen Elizabeth was Red 7 Skywalker while she lived. Queen Camilla is Red 11 Serpent!

We have here a stunning new tradition never done at a coronation before, especially by a woman. If you watch the ceremony inside the abbey, it was remarkable. She led the whole end of the ceremony, after the king was anointed, all the men, priests, and king followed her all the way outside to the street. Unbelievable!!

The sword of the White Mirror cuts both ways and is a symbol of balance, reflection, mental acuity, and self-control, which women have in spades due to our biology.

Sword: This item symbolizes enforcement and respect and means that justice stands by its decision and ruling and is able to take action. The fact that the sword is unsheathed and very visible is a sign that justice is transparent and is not an implement of fear. A double-edged blade signifies that justice can rule against either of the parties once the evidence has been perused, and it is bound to enforce the ruling as well as protect or defend the innocent party.

The Meaning Behind the Lady of Justice Statue

Red Dragon is THE PRIMORDIAL MOTHER, blood memory of humans being seeded here by fire and sulfur. Cysteine and Tyrosine amino acids churned up for the human race to evolve.

All of this is mediated by Neptune, the blue planet, ruling the brain and eyes. She was wearing blue.


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