Posted on Telegram, the epic Synchronicities of King Charles III Coronation…

Queen Elizabeth’s birth destiny oracle and Princess Diana’s death oracle. Must see.

Queen Camilla’s birth Oracle

Look at what we have with Queen Camilla. Here is her birth destiny oracle. King Charles has married two different women who present a certain amount of chaos for him that pulses back to his mother. Red 11 Serpent and Blue 9 Storm. Note that Camilla would not be queen had Diana not died in 1997.

Looking at all this movement, it looks to me like he was born to follow in his mother’s footsteps, and that’s about it.

In addition, we have the issue of a real possibility of King Charles dying, he is 74 and then Prince William his oldest son stepping in as king and then him dying. Next in line is William’s son George, who is small, only 10, and who by law would need a regent to help him. That would he his uncle who stood alone today as self-existing Tone 4, Prince Harry, who takes after Diana the most but is the same 4D tribe as his father; White Dog. Harry is intrinsically the most like both of his parents, AND, neither of them were Reptilian; White Dog and Blue Storm. Amazing lineup here. And look at Blue Storm right next to little George. That’s his grandmother Diana who died far too young. He never knew her.

This is little Prince George, William’s son. Look who is right next to him as his antipode challenge and gift should he become king; Prince Harry, White 4 Dog, his legal regent. I think it is very possible. No one would foresee this at all. Absolute synchronicity.
This is Prince Harry, the same sign as his father.

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