Impatience with Evolution in Natural Time…

gets us, life, into trouble. Synchronicity must be maintained in time, the past, and the future so that all life forms have an opportunity to come into their chosen alignment and be part of the whole collective.

The Creator wishes that not one speck of potential original thought be lost just because a section of clever humans thought it would be fun to break the speed limit, ignore time, enact a better plan, and run over those going slower. DNA blood evolution calls for patience and takes time because it loves all of life.

A.I. is an offense, an insult, an affront to love, patience, and the collective in all of its unique potential. It and its creators think it has a better idea and casts aside those walking instead of sprinting to some imaginary finish line where they can just dump the slow others off because they are not as fast. Are you as fast and loving as Source? Should they dump you off because you aren’t perfect?

No. Stop.

All life forms are welcome in this creation at whatever speed they go and however their brain works.

If you are not natural, full of vlood or some other DNA liquid, and are not evolving naturally in time, and you can’t feel timeless in your body as your brain speeds up and slows down, you are fake. That means you are not real and don’t exist.

If you are fake and have no blood and no soul yearning for love and connection with life, you are not real and don’t belong on this evolving sphere.

This is the real deal on earth, in the trenches of time, and it will never be any different because love takes time.

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