“Time is Money” Morphing to “Time is DNA” Update


This is from the IMF or International Monetary Fund


Shareholders Say JPMorgan Chase Has ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Political Bias

More spectral chaotic abundance in shadow; Chase Bank is a parana. I’ve boycotted them for 20 years.


I’ve read these and found the vibration to be in shadow, false, and manipulative. Check it out for yourself. Create your own frequency in Light.

Today is Blue 11 Spectral Night which is dissolving, chaotic abundance IN TIME. So, these people know how to spin up and create a problem where there is none. They have an agenda. So we/you have to counter it with your focused mind and intention.


This oracle begs for using your intuition about your own money picture to capture abundance for yourself. Go into meditation from the pineal gland down to the center of your body.

Conjure up every positive emotion you have about enough money in the bank to live, great healthy food, pretty much anything you need and feel yourself having it. Be careful with creating a greedy vibration. Gratitude and plenty is best.

My happy feelings always come during a dance workout and my body shrinking. I feel like I can manifest anything I need once I feel good and look good so that is a good place to start. That’s because abundance starts in THE FLESH, The 4D etheric body and astral body.

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