The Shadow State | Documentary

Environmental, Social, Governance

This is good. ESG is the far left MANDATE to corporate and private entities that you follow their rules of engagement. As you watch this, you will see they are 12:60, “Time is Money” rules by which most people on the planet are mind – and heart-programmed.

These people censor empowerment teachers and lightworkers on the planet through media, social media, and weaponized left-wing government. To.a.great extent this is garbage.

What’s funny to me is their indolence. They actually believe and practice that momey is the most powerful THING on earth. It’s not. Only a few of them know how to practice shadow magic, but they do.

All it takes to beat them is for each individual to silently focus your mind in the present through meditation, loving and taking care of yourself, boycotting the larger society and media and everything I talk about on here. You just need to do it.

Watch out for CCP inspired PSCS, your Personal Social Credit Score brought to you by the far left. They call this tolerance of diversity? Friends and family are free to say you have a screw loose if you believe in free will, loving and taking care of your body holistically?

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