5D, 4D, and 3D BODY

The light body

You may notice I’m delineating more on the daily post what is pulsing in Spirit, Mind, and Body, which functions as ONE in unity at the same time. Some of what I post may be heady, but when it comes to the body and your consciousness, there is nothing complicated about it.

3D pulsing is illuminated in astrology as fire, earth, air, and water, the 10 planets, and the 4 directions. Then those aspects have relationships to each other such as sextile, squared, trine, conjunct and so forth based on geometry, also very 3D. Astrology is one with astronomy, but scientists don’t tend to believe in consciousness, feelings, or empowerment. Scientists tend to be like bankers; 3D clenchers with talisman and time is money reductionism. This is the conscious mind that keeps people locked in money, sex, security, and stuff. It tends to manifest at the low back and down to the feet.

Astrologers are tuned in, esoteric, intuitive, psychic, and pretty cool. I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve studied it all my life and dig astronomy. They also lean to psychology with cultural bias, IMO. Most astrologers aren’t eccentric artists. They are very down to earth and are not generally intellectuals.

4D is the focus on this blog obviously, Time is DNA and the Mayan Oracle, and all of my work merged with the IChing oracle. The 4D body is well known by Reiki and Lightworkers. We’ve been around as long as astrologers, thousands of years, but the Mayan Oracle via Jose Arguelles dates to 1990. My perspective is very new, and most don’t get it. The Tzolkin illuminates the etheric body as the light aura emitted by the body as time like the Psi Bank is the auroras emitted as the mind of the earth as time. They are the same colors as well as the 52-day cycles, the tribes which are the amino acids that evolve as manifested DNA, the colors of the 🌈 and the auroras. This is the subconscious mind and is focused in the 2nd chakra as feelings.

The 4D Etheric time body is feelings based on ruminating about the past or the future, the 2 strands of the DNA in your trillion cells. It literally manifests your 3D body and everything that goes on IN IT, your health. Obviously, you are the only one in charge of what you silently think and feel all day unless you watch TV continually. Then the T.V. is literally programming your TIME which is your Body, which is your perspective on your past and your future. People get sick and die because of those habitual negative feelings gs at the bottom of the chart. I start at 250 and go up, never down.

5D is the CNS or brain and spine in the body but goes out through the crown chakra. It is the Axis of the Eternal Present or Timelessness and tunes you in to your Astral Body. This is where you are when you are asleep. It is the unconscious mind. When I tune into it it begins a natural rocking motion or lightly spinning motion in the body. It’s not difficult. I just close my eyes and focus on my pineal gland and it spins. If it’s not open you can have a practitioner help you open it. Sometimes that thing is like a disco ball if the frequencies of the earth are off the charts. Then you have to lay down and get a grip. Your pineal gland in the mid brain is a star gate. You can use it to remote view or do wakeful dreaming but you must do it with your own intention or it’s like walking out your front door without doing a protective mudra. Anyone off the street can try to get in your etheric space, like having the news on. The other problem is a parent or relative that has died, that you were very emotionally tied to, and you haven’t let go of them. That is an entity attachment and not healthy at all. It’s one thing to have a passed on friend visit for five minutes but they should not be around all the time or they are interfering with your destiny and time in the body. It will make you ill. Tell them to go! A Reiki Master can help also. But disembodied people are no different than embodied people. Tell them to leave you alone and by universal law they have to leave you alone.

The colors mix. They aren’t just one layer. The body is ONE whole so your first chakra can run gold if you are consciously running it. And your crown can run red if you’re very angry or have to physically defend yourself.

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