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The auroras are light emanations from the Tzolk’in whose Source are the Tones of Creation. Light comes from sound.

The Maya did a great job of illuminating our DNA source for being HUMAN as the multidimensional universe. We are from the stars and were made to live in balance with the universe, not dominated by male or female, science or religion, but ART, creativity, imagination, and freedom. Anything else isn’t good enough for us.

AURORAS LOVE EQINOXES: The vernal equinox is only one day away. That’s good news because auroras love equinoxes. At this time of year, cracks form in Earth’s magnetic field. Even a weak stream of solar wind can penetrate to spark a good display. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

ANOTHER DARK PLASMA ERUPTION: Warning: This post may give you a sense of déjà vu. On March 17th, a magnetic filament filled with dark plasma erupted from the southwestern quadrant of the sun:

This is almost identical to a dark plasma eruption last week. The March 11th blast threw a CME at our planet and sparked G2-class geomagnetic storms when it arrived 3 days later. Auroras were sighted in both hemispheres. (I already posted on what this actually was in Tzolkonic terms)

The March 17th eruption might do the same. NOAA forecasters say a CME is on the way and it could arrive on March 20th. Stay tuned for updates. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

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