Timeweather for Sunday, 3/19/23

We enter a new HF12 today, I Ching26; The taming power of the great/Potent Energy. Solar Store. Remember the elegance of intention as we move to Yellow 9 Solar Star in 4 days. We are on the CA strand, past to the present, for 4 days, unless you meditate in your body center and self-generate from your brain and spinal cord, the CNS, the Axis of the Eternal Present, at which time you are constantly in your god/goddess self and not dominated by the past or the future, just the present. This is where the balance is between male and female. There is no patriarchy or matriarchy in truth which means there’s no Democrat or Republican. The two parties are no longer pertinent. The truth is balance right in the center. That’s what we’ve evolved to be in God.

This harmonic moves through Serpent, World Bridger, Hand and Star, down the right male side of the body until it turns around at the feet. There are 72 days until HF30/Hx19 when we have a chance to pivot to reflecting God in Us from Implicate order instead of always reflecting the past and the future of our ancestors. White 1 Mirror is in HF30.

Tomorrow the Sun moves in Aries, ruled by Mars in in affinity with Red Skywalker and White World Bridger

ScR-The Psi Bank is Ramping Up

The 5GForce for Meditation for Ascension in Consciousness

I harmonize in order to create. Modeling mind, I seal the output of vision with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of self-generation.

Kin255-Blue 8 Eagle

3D and 4D Sync-Astrology and Time Oracle

Kin 45; 6Maldek Serine, 6Maldek Lysine, 6Maldek Serine, 6Jupiter Arginine, 8Saturn Histidine
  • Mercury enters Aries today, and until April 3rd, this Mercury cycle can feel refreshingly decisive and forward-looking. It can certainly be a time when we’re a bit impatient or terse, but it can feel good not to dwell or spend too much time arriving at conclusions in the weeks ahead. We’re less concerned with objective viewpoints and explanations during this cycle and more interested in reaching a decision quickly. We want to pioneer and innovate or be the first ones with the idea. It’s time to speak more spontaneously and directly with the planet of communication in bold and assertive Aries.
  • Mercury’s semi-square to Uranus today can be a little too tense, however. We’re mentally excited but distractable. This transit adds minor erratic elements to the day, particularly in our communications, thought processes, and outlook. We may be rushing to complete something, share an idea, or communicate, but things may end up half-done if we’re impatient. We are bored with routine, which can signify that we need some mental refreshment.
  • The Moon is void from 6:33 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Mars), until the Moon enters Pisces at 11:12 AM EDT.

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