The Greatest Tech You Have is Your Own Consciousness in Your Body

It’s subtle in your mind and doesn’t take much to shift it. Try it! Select a spot in your body that hurts and seriously focus your mind on a gold and violet flame taking over the area.

So work it and stop looking for someone else or something else to save you because you deem them better or stronger than you. They’re not. They just focus better and apply it to themselves and their own lives. They are diligent in breathing. You have no time to flirt, be jealous, or envious if you’re focused.

Stop looking at or for someone who you think is better than you or more powerful, to siphon energy from, for your mind. Stay inward.

I’m not sure it’s inspiration at all when people.claim inspiration; the whole hero and heroine thing. It shores up the money system. People will buy anything that makes them feel better temporarily to procrastinate on facing God in them; taking responsibility for honing their own power, and getting moving. If you finally feel and know you’re power, feel good and look good, you won’t socially fit in as well, will be called weird like I am, and will have no excuse to complain or whine. That is a disincentive if you care more about what others think than God in you. That also means you will go down or over the cliff with them as well. That’s not helping.

Neither Trump nor Biden are our savior. Nothing in government is powerful. For a million years, every single human government has fallen and ended. Ours will, too. Every single politician is ambitious and just wants earthly power. They use the people and their money to do it, claiming they care.They are not altruistic J.C.

Elon Musk is not our savior or better than us just because he’s the richest man in the world. How superficial. He is an A.I. prophet no matter how he is spun from one day to the next. He is bought and paid for by the ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate off-world, like Zuckerberg and Gates. No president has ever been our savior. No religion or political party is going to save us.

Your body can live forever when balanced with your eternal Mind in your CNS. You don’t need a med bed or tech. The greatest tech you have is your own consciousness.

Lisa T.

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