Timeweather for Thursday, 3/16/23

Today is White 3 Electric Wind, the symbol for GLYCINE. Check the daily on your app please and then my blog adds to it.

5gforce-For Meditation

Be guided by your own power doubled, not other people’s power doubled.

I dissolve in order to reflect. Releasing order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 258, White 11 Spectral Mirror

Earth Holon Sync

The 4D Time portal for White Wind is the equator–75°E near the Maldive Islands off the coast of India.

India is currently experiencing flooding.

Body Holon for evolving Glycine

Glycine acts as neurotransmitter in central nervous system and it has many roles such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cryoprotective, and immunomodulatory in peripheral and nervous tissues. https://www.webmd.com/diet/health-benefits-glycine

Interplanetary Holon-3D and 4D Sync

3 Uranus glycine, 3 Uranus phenylalanine, 3 Mars threonine, 3 Earth glutamic acid, 11 Pluto tryptophan.

This one is activating which is what electric tone 3 does so well. Communication and discussion are here where normally they would not be. This is good instead of violence.

What is happening in 3D? This one is long, and 98% negative from the astrologer. Well, truth is good in an exceedingly fake, lying, and secretive world that withholds information from suffering humanity in this Aries opinion. But we don’t mind competition and difference of opinion. Life is a rumble.

All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces for 4 more days
  • The Sun and Neptune aligned yesterday, and Mercury meets Neptune today.
    • The Sun and Mercury are heading into alignment, exactly tomorrow morning, and both bodies square Mars. (Our Worldbridger guide power mediated by Mars). This combination is intense and complicated, and restlessness can be the result. What we say or write now has an impact, for better or for worse. (Sync with White Wind communication and Mercury.)
  • We could too easily find ourselves in disagreement with others, especially if we’re communicating ineffectively or impatiently. (disagreement happens because people are different, not because communication is ineffective. Accept people’s differences instead of trying to insecurely get them to agree with you!) We may be competing for the floor when it comes to expressing our ideas, thoughts, and opinions, making it difficult to engage in healthy dialogue. (Sync with electric tone 3)
  • Mental agitation could dominate. We may stir up controversy with what we say or how we say it. It can also be hard to settle down. We may have a strong urge to do something, to take action, and to make something happen, but we may not know how to direct this excess energy. (Sync with electric tone 3)
  • It can certainly signify that we need more challenge, enterprise, and initiative. Reactions tend to be defensive or competitive now, and we can be averse to negotiation or compromise. We may be looking for strength but disappointed when we see something else altogether. (strength is created by seeing weakness first)
  • The day’s energies are complicated further by a Venus-Pluto square. (Sync with our hidden wisdom 11 Spectral dissolving Blue Storm mediated by Pluto)
  • Both Venus and Pluto are in the last degree of signs and challenging one another today, and the potential for making emotionally-charged mistakes runs high. Our plans and ambitions can feel at odds, causing some tension. There can be obstacles to clear as we wrestle with our fears. This transit can accentuate or stimulate our insecurities, bringing suspicions and jealousies to the surface. Jealous and possessive feelings are directly proportional to fear of losing something or someone. We can be worried about betrayal or being in the dark about a matter. Social interactions may be intense or could provoke intense feelings. It can be exceedingly easy to trigger sensitive points, but what works us up can be very revealing to those on a self-discovery journey.
  • Shortly after Venus and Pluto form a square today, Venus enters Taurus. Venus will transit Taurus until April 11th and performs well in the sign. In Taurus, Venus is comfortable, sensual, content, and perhaps possessive. (But it’s not love just Taurus desire-Lisa T.)
  • We seek security more than usual during this cycle and place more value on things that last. Venus in Taurus improves and enhances our judgment of value and worth. (??) Our appetite for pleasure (emotion) is strong in the weeks ahead.


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