HF33 and 33rd Degree Masons. What’s the deal?

Our Tzokin is representative of every dimension. It embodies the manifestation of the physical body in 64/ 12:60, the 4D etheric TIME BODY in 65, 52, and 13:20, and the 5GForce. It’s perfect. And it cannot be hacked. And it is NEVER Wrong. Harmonic 33 is straight from Source and embodies the Holy Spirit, White 13 Dog at Kin 130 as a manifested human in the womb of the MOTHER from Source. The male is the seed. He can help or not help with all of that IN LOVE. His choice. But it requires loyalty, spirituality, and love.

In Tzolkonics or TSR, Time Science Research, I figured out that it’s about 65 vs. 64. 64 is the number of I Ching hx and then in 3D, the trigrams (3 and 6) cover the earth. The Tzolkin has 65 harmonics but only 64 of them are governed by an I Ching Hx. It’s very clear.

HF33 is empty. This is what the Freemasons don’t get. They can never be the 33rd degree. It’s reserved for the implicate order female that embodies and manifests humans from Source in the loom of her body which is Maya, the seat of Illusion, the holographic matrix. Manifesting Illusion is between Source and THE MOTHER. Patriarchy can’t hijack that but they’ve tried and A.I. tries to.

A Masonic Symbol includes a “Square” and a compass, which makes a circle. Most believe the G stands for God. Males and females both embody the principles of the circle or infinity and the temporal square of Earth. But women are banned…from freemasonry.

So the Freemason men are trying to hack something that can’t be hacked; infinity, the circle, the never ending radial DNA spiral, the female mother holding and making eternity manifest in her womb at the very center of the GAP kin, the Loom of Maya (meaning illusion). You can’t hack that and make it square or 3D by means of geometry. Women do it with magic in the womb by intention. She also ends the magic by intention which is obviously highly controversial and political because the men want to control her. Abortion is no minor issue and is terrible for women, imo. But so is living on a planet with no protection, no love, no education, no home, and little money. Yet patriarchy has done it’s damndest at every turn and every workplace, even in her own office, to prey on women to fill men’s needs in the doghouse so that there is barely any point anymore for her to honor mother love.

Many young women won’t have children anymore or need men for any reason because they are not filling the role we need for our us and our children; LOVE. Not just money and sex and stuff; LOVE. I don’t think testosterone and love mix…or something. Women don’t exist on the planet for men as slaves, domestically or sexually. Men have to share and help with the children and show respect. Gee, that’s not very hot is it? Fantasies. Always the mental fantasies.

It seems to me that some men want to be female and be able to embody and make a human the way we do. They can’t. They’re men. Women are the vessels for the infinite and we make THEM, the males!

I found this at this link; https://theeducator.ca/speculations-on-the-circle-and-the-square/

“The Philosophers struggle was this: How to take the infinite mind and spirit and metamorphose it into something real and practical; How to take pure thoughts, morals, and principals, rework and match them into practical useful adjuncts of every day life. Freemasonry, being a beautiful system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, draws from that heritage. Freemasonry began, and is today, a guide to every man who is making the attempt to resolve that quest and perfect himself.

In Freemasonry we find the symbol of a circle with a dot within, a meaning for which is given in the dialogue between the WM and the Wardens while laboring in the 3rd degree. In addition we are urged to use a compass to draw a circle that represents our duty to keep within “due bounds” with all mankind, the circle representing those bounds, and its area indefinite. Indefinite because it is for every man to define his own bounds and how large or small the area inscribed by the application of his compass shall be .

In speculating upon the circle and the Masonic imagery associated with it we see, as the ancient philosophers did, that the circle in Freemasonry implies the extent of one’s duty and place in the universe – a partially defined and incalculable area. It is a dimension that each Mason must draw and define for himself as only he can – its size, and circumference and the area it encompasses. The extent or area of our duty is at first like the circle – incalculable, infinite and abstract. But Freemasonry strives to make what is philosophical and ephemeral into what is practical and real on a day-to-day basis.

At the same time as we study the circle, Freemasonry urges us to consider the ashlars and the square: The lines of a square are measurable precise, sharp and defined. They have been tried and proven. The area contained therein is readily calculable with the 24” gauge.

Thus the circle represents our vision, our reach that is for each of us to define; the square represents our realty, our grasp, and what we actually build and maintain in terms of duty, behavior and conduct. By applying the lessons of the working tools one can move from the intangible symbolism and indefinite bounds of the circle and our ideals to the small day-to-day actions of a moral life, a life forming a square and thereby approximate what philosophy calls forth by the circle. For the heart may conceive and the mind may devise but it is all in vain if the hand is not  prompt to execute  the design. While we may never be able to achieve all that we hold and admire as ideal we can be better men today and tomorrow. We may fall short of the ideal, but with labor we will be better men than yesterday. We are, in effect, attempting to “square the circle” not through mathematics but by conceptually transforming the rectangular form of the earth into the spherical form of the sky and the heavens, bringing heaven to earth.

To think morally, lovingly and generously is “circular”; to actually act morally, lovingly and generously is “square” – and Masonic.

The more one practices with the working tools and adjusts his life and conduct according to their lessons, the higher degree of perfection one attains as a man and when a near equality is drawn between the “circle” and the “square” the individual will be able to express all of his circle’s dimensions or qualities though the finite. The circle with a square within depicts the union of heaven and earth, by analogy, the perfect man. This is consistent with Kabalistic philosophy that the goal of all humans is to perfect the emotional and intellectual, and transcend them, being reborn into the divine and seeking understanding with light.  And isn’t “Light” the  first request of every initiate to Freemasonry?

It has to do with surveying (squaring the circle), geometry. Middle Ages England used the “perch system” to gauge labor costs to clear acreage. “Four-Square Perch” equaled 33 x 33 feet, which was considered how much one man could clear in one work day.

The Gunter surveying chain based upon that produced the following measurements:

1/2 chain = 33 feet

1 chain = 66 feet

2 chains = 132 feet

8 chains = 528 feet (or 1/10th mile)

80 chains = 1 mile.

5280/33 = 160 acres or 1/4 of a standard section of 640 acres.

They’re trying to hack the impossible. However, all you have to do is take a piece of string, generally form it into a circle on the table, pull both sides, inside with both hand outer fingers and the TENSION makes a square. It’s all malleable in duality. We can cooperate while having tension and go between the circle and the square. A square peg might not fit into a round hole, unless it’s smaller than the circle but the circle can fit into a square.

The length of the string on your table is ONE length. Relaxed, it is a circle. Pull with tension on the edges and it becomes a square. The string circumference is still the same length. It’s a matter of perspective.

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