Understanding the Binary Triplet Configuration as the Foundation of Evolution on Earth

I’m posting this again for your review. Maybe it would help to realize that the layout and patterns of the earth are one with your body. They are analogous, both have weather and seasons and are psychic, meaning MIND controlled which is etheric, which is TIME. Don’t 3D clench on this with your jaw. No talismans.

Psi Bank is the magnetosphere, the mind of Earth. Psy chic is the intuitive mind of humans. Psi means mind but psyche means Intuition in Greek. Look it up.

Earth Ascending Page 37, Map 4 by Jose Arguelles

This is a graphic of the earth’s psi bank Matrix generated as a Binary resonance of Earth’s Radiation Belts. Side by side you can see it in our DNA double helix and the earth’s binary structure. Note the + and – and tags on the earth radiation belts which interact inward to outward as the Psi Bank; Earth’s conscious Mind. You’re not going to hear that from any scientist.

The darker inward line circles the earth. Then we have;

  1. Earth’s atmosphere
  2. The positive Galactic Proton Belt
  3. The Psi Bank Matrix as Solar-Galactic Binary Resonance Field (Like the Interplanetary Holon I post)
  4. The Negative Solar Electron Belt. There is a Magnetopause (Magnetosphere) all the way around the outside of this belt. The Magnetosphere is the ELM around Earth
  5. The Shock Front

Bear with me here. This merges with astronomy-physics posts and it includes the illumination of the BODY HOLON VIA DNA EVOLUTION and the EARTH HOLON via geomancy.

The inner belt, consisting of trapped positive cosmic radiation, protons, and the outer of trapped negative solar radiation, electrons, provides the binary field for the rudimentary psi bank matrix. The positive/negative polarities of both radiation and psi belts are sensitized to the north/south poles of the geomagnetic (gravitational) field. The simple helical structure of the psi bank matrix as the bio psychic resonance field of planet earth is obviously attuned to or resonant with the primary double helix configuration governing the operation of the genetic code. This is to be expected since the spectrum of the bio psychic resonance fields runs the gamut from the most simple cellular organism to the most refined levels of mental activity.”-Earth ascending pg. 36

Science amounts to the eradication of anything ancient or earth-based even if the math shores it up. It’s scientific ego. Their priority is funding, not the truth.


The science of astronomy and physics is not yet holistic. It’s funny to me when I see a wonderful discovery that is pulsing holistically and they use 3D clenching, materialistic verbiage in the article because they don’t want to sound esoteric which is not considered scientific. Geomancy and shamanism are the basis of earth sciences, including astrology. They are the parents of the children.

Science amounts to the eradication of anything ancient or earth-based even if the math shores it up. It’s scientific ego. Their priority is funding, not the truth. They may change soon under the pressure of the truth demanded by the public. They’ve borrowed from holism for years without giving it any credit. It’s similar to what they’ve done to women. It’s not profitable. Modern science is Time is Money based. Please remember that as you read modern science.

The next level up, which is coming on the leading edge is Time is DNA, Time is Art, Time is us if our movement achieves leadership. I need to have more than 1400 followers so share this blog, please. 🙂

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