Authenticity With other Bloggers

I actually READ you folks posts before I hit like and I don’t hit like if I didn’t like it or it wasn’t my thing.

No one is obligated to like my posts. I know most don’t understand what I’m talking about. BUT…you could seek out and read my 3000 posts on the oracle and study more. Understanding synchronicity could save your life.

I ask that you not like my posts if you haven’t read them. Authenticity. Tell the truth please 🙏 . It’s all about individual empowerment so we can each contribute to the diverse COLLECTIVE without expectations. Be secure in yourself without needing the approval of others.

2 Replies to “Authenticity With other Bloggers”

  1. Well said.
    You are bold.
    One can be frank.
    No need to press ‘like’ just to get a return favour.
    Forget about readers liking our posts, bots have spread everywhere and causing havoc and giving an illusion that we have a large following strengthening our ego.
    Many platforms encourage ‘paid’ liking.
    How to expect a genuine ‘like’ or ‘comment’?

    1. Oh, true about the bots. I never think about them. It’s obvious to me that WP is all about making money on ads so they use writers and manipulate writers to be what they need them to be for the buck, like slaves. I’m not so they hold back my algorithms.

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