What Does True Time Have to Say about Money?

I’m as intuitive about investing and using money as a TOOL as I am about anything else. However, money is EMOTIONAL and addictive for many humans and therefore irrational, not real, and blows with the wind. Tryptophan is in cosmic mode today and is making people hyper-emotional-shored up this afternoon by antipode Red 13 Moon, universal feelings. Humans’ main feeling is wanting to be secure and cozy because we are mammals so the specter of losing money induces fear.

Over-emotion is never a good thing. That said, I am an empath so I very easily can feel and see the flow of emotion, including with money and with humanity in the markets.

At the moment, 2 PM, we are in Red 13 Cosmic Moon or universal flow of feelings. I just realized that now before I wrote the first paragraph. My Spidey Sense says that we are going to be fine in the long run, but like everything else on the planet, we are in a major paradigm shift including what humans want to spend their money and time on. It is all completely changing.

Looking at the stocks below;

People still want to use banks and gold. It’s been part of our history for a long time and I don’t believe will change. But, the banks need to change. They are hemorrhaging at the moment. With the earth changes this will become more volatile. However, human communities and sharing are strong whether anyone has money or not. There are still resources and food. We’ll have to share.

Moderna should be going bankrupt along with all the other big drug companies but due to their corrupt relationships with Congress they are profiting, and due to the ignorance of the public about their bodies. Also, alcoholism, gluttony, social pressure with food, and sloth keep their pockets lined. This kind of thing needs to change. It’s FEAR and IGNORANCE profit. There is no more profit-oriented, disempowering industry than SICK CARE creating and profiting from human misery. I want them to hit a wall so we can bring real intelligence forward and exile A.I.

Check out the companies making the biggest moves midday:

Regional banks —Shares of regional banks plummeted following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. First Republic Bank sank 64%, and Western Alliance Bancorp dropped about 57%. PacWest Bancorp shed 26%. KeyCorp fell nearly 30%, and Zions Bancorporation lost about 24%.

Citi, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs

— Shares of major banks also saw losses after the closure of the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Citi dropped 6%. Bank of America shed 3%, and Goldman Sachs lost about 2%.

Charles Schwab

— The stock sank 10% as part of the broader rout in the banking sector. However, Schwab reassured shareholders and customers that it isn’t seeing any significant outflows and that 80% of its total deposits fall within the FDIC insurance limits. Citi also upgraded the stock to buy from neutral, saying the stock’s recent decline gives it a “compelling” risk-reward ratio.


— Shares of the gold miner rallied 5% following a spike in gold prices. Spot gold passed the key level of $1,900 as investors bet the Federal Reserve may tone down rate hikes on the heels of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.


—The stock lost 1%. Over the weekend, NBC News reported that the e-commerce company warned sellers that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is causing delays in processing payments. The company said it expects to begin processing the payments as soon as Monday and said the delay will not have a material impact on its quarter.

Qualtrics International

— Shares of the data analytics firm jumped 6.6% on reports that U.S. private equity group Silver Lake agreed to buy the company for $12.5 billion, or $18.15 per share, alongside Canada’s largest pension fund. As part of the acquisition, software group SAP said Monday it will sell its stake in Qualtrics for $7.7 billion.


— The stock gained 8.5% after news that Insulet will replace SVB Financial Group in the S&P 500 index. SIVB will be removed from the broad market index after the close on Tuesday.

B.S. Pharma Stock that is climbing. Not.


— Shares soared by more than 20% after The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that billionaire activist Carl Icahn is preparing a proxy fight at the biotech company. He is arguing that the company’s acquisition of Grail cost its shareholders about $50 billion.


— The biotechnology company’s shares gained nearly 6% after TD Cowen upgraded the stock to outperform from market perform. The Wall Street firm said Moderna will be a leader in the RSV vaccine market.

Eli Lilly

— Shares of the drug maker rose about 2.5% after Wells Fargo upgraded the shares to overweight, calling recent weakness a buying opportunity for investors. The firm’s analyst said the company has a good research and development engine and an absence of near- to medium-term loss of exclusivity. Wells Fargo also said Eli Lilly isn’t dependent on M&A activity for growth


— Shares surged nearly 16% on news that Pfizer is acquiring the cancer drug maker as it looks past its Covid sales portfolio. Pfizer’s stock rose about 1.5% on the news.

Provention Bio

— Shares surged 258% after Sanofi agreed to acquire Provention Bio for $2.9 billion for its type-1 diabetes treatment, among other immune-mediated disease treatments.

— Samantha Subin, Hakyung Kim, Pia Singh and Tanaya Macheel contributed reporting.

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